Interview with Johan Lindeberg

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Here is my interview with one of my favourite designers, Johan Lindeberg


You have been hailed as one of our time's greatest designers. How did you become a designer and what made you want to do it?

My first girlfriend was a designer and she inspired both my sister and me to become the same?  My passion has always been to create energy and inspire people and I love to shape a lifestyle? To create a lifestyle that reflects how I like to live? A lifestyle brand is also a borderless community, where you can invite the people from all over the world beyond borders and religion?..

What are the main trends for men in SS17?


I don't like to follow trends overall.. But it?s no doubt that there still is a 70?s retro trend and activism is also very prominent in design right now?



What do you have in mind when you design for men? Who is the J Lindeberg man?

For J. Lindeberg we want to dress a modern entrepreneur.. Someone who?s engaged and active and want to change the world?.


What can Scandinavian/Norwegian men become better at fashionwise?

I think personalty? Be more personal.. Add a personal twist? Something that makes you more who you really are?


What does every man need to have in his wardrobe?

Either a pilot jacket or a biker jacket.. Depending on mindset?.


All photos: J. Lindeberg


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